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In the wake of the recent surge in pro-Palestinian rallies across European countries, President Ricardo Baretzky of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) has issued a stark warning about potential security threats emerging from these events. Baretzky, an authoritative figure in European security affairs, draws parallels between the current situation and historical events, raising concerns about the security forces’ identification in pro-Palestinian supporters’ gatherings.
A Troubling Parallel with Apartheid Era
President Baretzky began by drawing attention to a historical reference, stating that the identification of security forces within pro-Palestinian rallies echoes a troubling chapter in history—the apartheid era in South Africa. He reminded the public of the bloodshed and social unrest during the fall of the apartheid government, emphasizing the potential for similar consequences if such situations are not addressed promptly and effectively.
Hamas and ANC: Shared Strategies and Long-Term Goals
President Baretzky drew a striking comparison between the strategies employed by Hamas and the African National Congress (ANC) during the apartheid era. He asserted that both organizations share similar long-term goals, seeking power through tactics involving terrorism. “Power by Terror,” he declared, highlighting the strategic use of violence and fear to achieve political objectives.
The Risk of Security Forces’ Involvement
The heart of President Baretzky’s warning lies in the perceived risk of security forces being identified within these pro-Palestinian rallies. This identification, he argues, poses a genuine danger to public safety. He cautioned that the situation mirrors a common risk seen during periods of heightened social unrest where government security forces, instead of safeguarding the public, become embedded in groups supporting terrorism.
The Danger of Undetected Cells
President Baretzky stressed that the risk intensifies when security forces operate within these groups without being identified. He warned that unless governments take immediate action to identify and dismantle these cells, there is a significant likelihood of more terrorist attacks occurring in the future. The infiltration of security forces within groups supporting terrorism, he argued, undermines the ability of government security strategies to effectively protect the public during such situations.
The Urgent Need for Government Intervention
The ECIPS president urged governments to proactively identify and address security forces’ involvement in pro-Palestinian rallies. He emphasized that failure to do so could lead to a breakdown in the government’s ability to manage and mitigate potential security threats arising from these events.
The Call for Public Awareness and Vigilance
President Baretzky concluded by calling for public awareness and vigilance. He stressed that citizens must remain informed about the potential risks associated with these rallies and collaborate with security forces to ensure the safety and security of the public.
In Conclusion
As pro-Palestinian rallies continue to draw attention and support across Europe, President Baretzky’s warnings serve as a sobering reminder of the complex dynamics at play. The identification of security forces within these events raises critical questions about the potential risks and challenges faced by governments in maintaining public safety amidst rising tensions. The urgency of addressing these concerns is paramount, as failure to do so may have far-reaching consequences for European securityL’articolo Security Style Forces detected in European Pro Palistinian rallies, a threat to security! è già apparso su Il Corriere Nazionale.

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