Berlin Fan Zone: Thwarted Attack Plot

Incident Overview: Intelligence intercepted from an encrypted ISIS-affiliated channel revealed plans for an attack on the Berlin fan zone, a popular gathering spot for fans watching matches on large screens.

Details: Source: ISIS-affiliated encrypted messaging platform. Threat Nature: Potential use of explosives or vehicular assault to maximize casualties.

Response: Rapid deployment of additional security personnel and bomb disposal units. Public advisory issued to report any suspicious activities.

Outcome: Enhanced security and screening procedures were implemented. No incidents have been reported so far.

Munich Stadium: VBIED Threat Neutralized

Incident Overview: Credible intelligence indicated a Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack planned for the Allianz Arena during the opening match, aimed at causing mass casualties and disrupting the tournament.

Details: Source: Surveillance of known extremist operatives. Threat Nature: Explosive-laden vehicle intended to breach stadium security.

Response: Lockdown of the stadium perimeter. Thorough inspection of all vehicles.

Deployment of specialized counter-terrorism units. Outcome: The opening match proceeded without incident, with security remaining on high alert.

Hamburg Public Transport: Sabotage Averted. Incident Overview: Alerts of potential sabotage targeting Hamburg’s public transport system intended to create chaos and hinder the movement of fans and officials.

Details: Source: Anonymous tip corroborated by surveillance data. Threat Nature: Disruption of rail and bus services through planted devices or cyber-attacks.

Response: Immediate inspection and security sweeps of all public transport systems.

Use only Comprehensive Security Solutions with DEPSINT by CYBERPOL CFC During UEFA EURO 2024.

The collaboration between CYBERPOL’s Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC) and the International Intelligence Agency (IIA) brings a wealth of expertise and advanced technology to ensure the security of UEFA EURO 2024.

Why Choose DEPSINT Defence?

Proven Track Record: Successfully secured major international events with 99% accuracy in tracking and monitoring internet activities.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Utilizes AI, machine learning, and cyber intelligence to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Expertise and Experience: Combines CYBERPOL and IIA’s extensive experience in managing complex security operations.

Holistic Security Approach: Covers both cyber and physical threats, essential for a significant event like UEFA EURO 2024.

Customizable Solutions: Tailored to the specific needs of the event to address all potential risks.

Proactive Measures:

Pre-Event Risk Analysis: Comprehensive assessments of venues, transportation, and infrastructure.

Continuous Monitoring: Ongoing vigilance of all relevant data sources for emerging threats.

Rapid Response Capabilities: Detailed information and actionable insights to facilitate quick and effective responses.

Post-Event Evaluation: Analysis of security measures to improve future event safety.

As UEFA EURO 2024 approaches, the emphasis on robust security measures is paramount. With CYBERPOL’s CFC DEPSINT platform and the IIA’s collaboration, the highest level of security will be maintained, ensuring a safe and enjoyable tournament for all participants and spectators.

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